Whether your kids want fun picture books, fascinating nonfiction, or cool dinosaur trekking guides, you will find treasures in Kelly’s award-winning books. You can find them at your local bookstore (usually) or you can click on the covers below to go to amazon.com

Coming out in Fall 2009!

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Saving the Baghdad Zoo


Books by Kelly

Welcome to my world and

the wonders of weird!

Kelly Milner Halls

Bigfoot, Nessie, Yeti, and much, much more. A close look at the science and the scams in the world of cryptozoology.

Tales of the Cryptids: Creatures That May or

May Not Exist (illustrated by Rick Spears)

Darby Creek Publishing

Take a ride with Kelly as she explains the prehistoric science of how horses came to be, the wild breeds that still exist in the world today, and some great horse stories of survival.

Wild Horses: Galloping Through Time

Darby Creek Publishing

Galloping Through Time

Coming in July 2009! Preorder your books today.

Cool Careers: Astronauts and

Cool Careers: Virtual Reality Specialist

Cherry Hills Publishing

King Tut was a teen—proving that not all mummies were old people. Around the world, Kelly takes readers on an adventure to find mummified children, many preserved by nature.

Mysteries of the Mummy Kids

Darby Creek Publishing

A wonderful picture book for kids who love dinosaurs (and what kid doesn’t?). Learn about relative size of many species.

Dinosaur Parade (illustrated by Rick Spears)

Lark/Sterling Publishing

This award-winning book teaches and shows kids what albinism really is. Gorgeous photography!

Albino Animals

Darby Creek Publishing

Some of the most amazing dinosaur fossils have a lot more than bones to show us. Check out the ones that have fossilized muscles, skin, stomachs, and more!

Dinosaur Mummies: Beyond Bare-Bone Fossils

Darby Creek Publishing

Wolves, coyotes, foxes, and more! Learn about the history of wild dogs and their connection with our canine companions today.

Wild Dogs: Past & Present

Darby Creek Publishing

Want to go where the dinosaurs are? This book is the perfect guide to show you where fossil digs, museum models, and many other things dino can be visited.

Dinosaur Travel Guide

Random House

Learn to count with cute, silly chicks.

I Bought a Baby Chicken

Boyds Mills Press